A Guide through the process


Step 1

Now that you’ve ordered our marketing on-hold product, we need your help in starting the production process. Please provide us with the information you would like people to hear while on-hold; which can be done by completing the Script Information Form on the following page. Any other literature may also be helpful. Once the form is completed, please submit it to us or print it out and fax it to us at 614-269-0127.


Step 2

Upon receiving your information our writing department will gather the information and create a written draft for your review, which you’ll receive by fax or email along with a Script Approval Form. Simply review and revise the draft, and fax or email it back with the signed approval form appropriately marked. Once the final approval is received it will move onto the production department.


Step 3

With an approved script and your voice and music selections, we’ll voice and produce your marketing on-hold production. And, just like the writing process, you’ll have a chance to approve your production. A Production Approval Form will be sent to you with a personal code. From our website, click "client login" or "Listen to your production" and enter your personal code, to hear your production. Then complete the form and return it to us. Once we receive your final approval, we’ll ship your customized production.