Frequently Asked Questions

How many different voices can you use in one production?
With SOH you may use as many different voices as you like. We have 10 different voices to select from 5 male and 5 female. You get to audition and choose the ones you want.

How many different songs?
In a given production we suggest using the same song throughout your messages but certainly no more than two.

Do all the songs have to be of the same style? Or can you mix and match music styles?
Although this is up to you, we would suggest that you keep the same theme throughout the production to maintain consistency and non-distraction to the caller.

Are specific recognizable songs available? Are well known songs available or is the music just generic to that style?
Because all of our music is licensed we can use any piece of music that is in the “public domain”. This means you can have popular music, classical, country, jazz, or easy listening. However, we do suggest that you choose the non-lyrical version of the song so that it does not conflict with the talent voicing your script and the caller fighting to listen to your message.

Is the music “bed” all of the same volume? Or does it rise and fall as the voice comes and goes?
This is a decision made during our production process. We can play your production for you both ways so you can compare and hear the difference. We have even had instances where the music is completely taken away during the message and then slowly brought back in between the messages.

In the production process, how many times can we go back and forth revising scripts or music without incurring additional charges on one production? In other words how many times can we review and modify it before we say it’s complete?
In the writing process—You will have the chance to review by e-mail or fax your script as many times as needed before the recording of your production to arrive at the final script you desire without additional charge.

In the production process (voicing and editing) - You will have the chance to review by internet web page the production as many times as needed until we arrive at the production you desire. This includes music and voice changes or changes to the integrity of the production itself (i.e. music levels, time between messages).

What makes the quality of a recording from one vendor better quality than that of another? Some just “sound better” than others. Is it equipment we play it on? Or the recording process a vendor uses?

Analog Production: Generally with analog production you are dealing with cassette. In our process you would start with a true digital production recording, transfer it to an analog cassette, that audio cassette is then transferred to an internal audio chip inside of the unit. You are now three generations away from the original production. This means that your sound quality is not as strong as a digital production and the production will sound muffled and not as clear.

Digital Production: With a digital production you are dealing with a true digital production. In our process you would start with a true digital production recording, then depending on the equipment you choose the production itself will be used to be played to the caller. This eliminates any transferring of information. With our equipment, the digital capture of information yields no loss of quality since it is a true digital transfer. Your quality on hold is as clear as your original production in studio.

Describe the equipment you propose. How durable? How often do we need to replace it?
We use the CD 7000M or CD 7500M depending on your phone application. These are true digital units. All are backed with our limited 3 year Warranty, are very durable, and built to withstand 24/7 use. These units were voted "Product of the Year" for their quality and reliability.

Where is the facility you use to do the recordings?
Our Client Care staff, writers, voice talent and studios are all located in one facility in the Columbus, Ohio Metro Area. Our studios are digitally equipped to create your production in the most technologically advanced environment in the industry today.

What is standard procedure for a production update? New production?
When you need to update your production we will fax or e-mail to you a copy of your current script. Make the changes, revisions or additions you would like to your current production. You will receive a revised script for your approval with the new information incorporated. Upon your signed approval we will have your production voiced. Upon production approval we will ship your production. A new production requires gathering more information from you in the beginning and the writing of your script. It also requires ordering and shipping your equipment.

In an emergency what can be done?
We can provide you at the inception of our relationship a Quick Start disc for such an occasion. This disc has generic gratuity messages that can be used until a corrected disc can be delivered.