Internal Marketing

for your business

Whenever someone comes in contact with our business by phone or in person it is vitally important to convey a professional image.  The methods we use to convey this message is called Internal Marketing

Technology today gives us the ability to inform, educate and motivate people about the products and services we offer.  This can be done in a variety of different ways including on hold marketing and the use of multi-media.

SOH Productions has been nationally recognized as the leading provider of on hold marketing services since its founding in 1989.  We create customized productions about your products and services to be played to each caller to your business that is placed “on hold”.  This medium of Internal Marketing is a powerful one.  Callers will remain on hold 40% longer if they have something to listen to.  An on hold production reduces caller abandonment.  The most important fact is that 17-24% of callers will inquire about what they learn about while they are “on hold”.  It’s a captive audience.  Seize the moment and the time to educate your callers so they can be sold on hold.

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Who we are...

Founded 1989
Offer Customized Audio and Video Productions
Created over 33K productions in nearly 20 years of business.
Over 250 different industries
Voted “Best by Test” in industry

What we do...

Whether you want to admit it or not, we need to take advantage of every time we come in contact with a client by phone or in person. So, why not use this time to inform and educate current or potential clients about your company, products and services?

How we do it...

SOH provides you with the first and last word throughout the production process. Upon receipt of your order, our Scriptwriting Department will contact you for information to create a script or story board, and provide you with the opportunity to develop the plan for your production to your satisfaction.