CD 7500m

The CD 7500m: Nothing short of amazing!

Add on-hold audio capability to ordinary single or multi-line phones...for real! For years, what has been the "Holy Grail" of on-hold audio technology is now an affordable reality for any size business.

The CD-7500 works with virtually all single and multi-line phones, even those that do not use a KSU system, and the new cordless phone systems (requires use of a head set).

The CD-7500 works just like the on-hold audio feature on big, expensive, PBX and KEY phone systems. Just push the HOLD button on any extension and the OHP-7500 grabs the line and plays on-hold audio to it. To release the on-hold condition, just pick up any phone extension. It's that simple.

The CD-7500 provides on-hold audio on one to four lines and on up to 50 different phone extensions.

Like all CD-products, the CD-7500 is easy to install. Click here for more instructions on installation.